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Setup your Showcase Page to attract more connections, deals, workflow efficiency and improve brand integration matches.

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Add Title & Category

Select the green icon and enter the entertainment title. Then choose the category that best aligns.

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Add Title Graphic

Upload an image or your entertainment title. Dimensions similar to a billboard.

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Add Thumbnail Logo

Upload thumbnail image or your title. Dimensions similar to a poster.

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Add Links to Official Sites

Links provide verification that your are who you say you are.

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Add Listings

Choose the types of brands (products,
locations or services) that are in each scene. Price according to prominence and audience.

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Add Target Audience

Select the countries where your content is viewed. Choose approximate audience size
and your primary demographics.

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Launch & Get Matched

Once complete, tap the launch button and go
to your dashboard. Check-in daily for more brand integration matches.


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